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    Thanks to the high visibility in the network, rejoin credibility with enthusiasm and strength

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    SEO strategy is focused on the increase in the volume of organic traffic


Over 12 years of development and search for firendly SEO systems have enabled the creation of an effective system to improve the natural visibility of search engines and at the same time with a suite of tools to reach a larger Number of users.
Topper is not a simple site but a unique partner for your online promotion needs of your business or your credibility.
Set your 4 favorite search directories, publish the listings and images that make up your blog.. the rest think about Topper!
High Visibility        high visibility - development seo
Optimized for mobile and fixed devices 
Correct, fast viewing and managing the content of web pages that make up the system is a very important point to reach and to be indexed on all possible internet network channels.

Seo Friendly 
The system responds to all the specifications suggested by the good SEO Friendly norms to generate dynamic pages contextualized to specific topics. Topper gets the highest scores from leading online tools specializing in web site evaluation, includin...  more

Hight performance 
Topper pages that are displayed are fast loading because an algorithm is integrated that can optimize text, images, and content distribution in a friendly SEO environment.

The system is designed to be used as a primary site or can be integrated with your existing one. You can install multiple systems within the same domain. The structure of each installed Topper changes according to automated specifications. Each syste...  more

Designed to host Italian and English content.

Easily customizable graphics 
Topper is an integrable indexing system with VMC features.You can edit any aspect of the graphics from two css files.The display order you prefer to have in the slide shows and published listings is handled comfortably by the control panel.

Hight visibility 
Topper indexes the contents you enter in order to increase the visibility of the first 4 pre-set search indexes during the installation.Indexes, texts, photos and everything else are also indexed. More content published more Topper will be strong a...  more

Suite of integrated tools 
A complete suite of easy-to-manage tools from the control panel are included in the system including: trolley, pdf generation, sending mail, importing YouTube videos, importing images from your external url, newsletters, automatic image rewriting and...  more

Installation in 2 clicks 
Once you've uploaded Topper on your hosting, you can access the installation kit with two steps:(1 cliclk) database installation (MySql or MariaDB)(2 click) generation and customization of the system.

Simplified content management 
All Topper content is handled by an intuitive and easy-to-manage control panel, personalized and protected by access credentials.It is also possible for the advanced user to enter information from HTML forms into specific forms, so that the look of...  more

Example of use: Video Blog or Vlog 
The use of Topper as a tool to increase the visibility of your Vlog on You Tube promotes the increase in popularity of videos uploaded on the entire Internet. In this case Topper will have the function of showing the videos that you have published on...  more

Example of use: I'm putting my face on my lifestyle 
In case the reputation of your person has value on the internet Topper helps you to build and make visible the image that you want to have for you to users on the net.

Example of use: test a new product on the market 
Having a reference meter is a concept that underlies the development of any activity, especially if based on a specific product or line. With Topper, in a simple and fast way, you have the possibility of creating a system capable of enabling you to t...  more

Example of use: Hotel 
This example is dedicated to the hotel because with Topper he can develop his own technique of participation on the net that in the short time will lead him to become more autonomous.

Example of use: Art and culture 
It is very useful for the creation of sites to promote the territory or activities that characterize it.

Some thoughts 
The SEO activities take into account a scrupulous and constant study of the laws that Google and the main search engines want to be respected, in order to ensure a good and corresponding positioning with their product.

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